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Dr. Paul Windrum (CHILL,NUBS) and Prof. Christine Moffatt (Nottingham University School of Health Sciences) have successfully bid for an ESRC DTC case style studentship. The industrial partner is Smith & Nephew PLC.

The PhD will examine the factors affecting the successful implementation of care pathways for chronic wounds.

Dr. Paul Windrum


Paul Windrum said “We are delighted to have won this prestigious ESRC award. My understanding is that this is the only Case-style studentship awarded to the Business school this year. I’m sure that a key contributing factor has been the KTP research being undertaken by the Business School, the School of Health Sciences and Smith & Nephew, which has laid an effective foundation for the proposed PhD.”

The PhD research will examine the organisational and systemic enablers and barriers to the implementation of a new pathway for patients with chronic wounds (including leg ulcers and pressure ulcers), focusing on how multiple stakeholders can effectively navigate the complex process of evidence-based implementation. Trialling a new chronic wound care pathway is important and challenging. An even greater challenge – and where there is a lack of social science research – is to understand how evidence-based pathways are implemented effectively in different localities and different provider-commissioner networks.


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