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On the 3rd and 4th of December CHILL researchers Penelope Siebert and Robert Smith attended the Workshop on Medical Innovation (WOMI’15) hosted by INGENIO in Valencia.

Penelope and Robert presented Lessons from the PM Challenge: Patient Preferences and Evidence-Based Policy Design, a paper which applies conjoint analysis to three attributes of access for general practice services. The paper was very well received, and sparked interesting debate about the role of General Practice in the healthcare system and patient preferences for healthcare services in general.

Other presentations included papers about the translation of medical knowledge and one particularly interesting paper about the speed of growth of entrepreneurial science based firms. The closing talk was given by Professor Matteo Santin who discussed in great detail and honesty the challenges of funding innovation in the biomolecular sciences.

The workshop was incredibly well organised by Pablo D’Este and Inma Borras of INGENIO. Our Valencian hosts even took the time to give us a tour of the city.


Super-host Pablo D’Este opening WOMI’15. 



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