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CHILL’s recent visit to Texas



I was visiting our collaborators at the Center for Health Organizational Transformation (CHOT)  at Texas A&M University in December. Our colleagues were very interested on current policy issues in UK healthcare, which are more similar to issues in the US than might at first appear. Churchill once described Britain and the USA as ‘Two nations divided by a common language’ and I think the stark difference in how our health care systems are funded sometimes gets in the way of us understanding each other, and realising that many of the issues are shared (and, indeed, shared by health care systems all over the world). I’m sure Americans get annoyed by British people saying that they ought to have a NHS, as in the words of one American I spoke to ‘ Never. Gonna. Happen.’ What will happen to healthcare under the Trump presidency remains, as do so many things, obscure, though several people I met were not, shall we say, encouraged by the nomination of Representative Tom Price as Secretary of State for Health and Human Services.

Continuing on an American theme, we will be welcoming our second international Visiting Fellow, Professor Bill Stroube of Evansville University, in the spring. More from Bill when he arrives…


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