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CHILL May seminar ‘Of sheep, shepherds and sheepdogs?’

Of sheep, shepherds and sheepdogs? Competing and complementary pastoral power in patient behaviour change.

Applying Foucault‘s concept of Pastoral Power in settings of multi-pastors. Foucault’s concept of ‘pastoral power’ describes an important technique for constituting obedient subjects. Derived from his analysis of the Christian pastorate, he saw pastoral power as a prelude to contemporary technologies of governing ‘beyond the State’, where ‘experts’ shepherd self-governing subjects. However, the specific practices of modern pastorate have been little developed.

This seminar, presented by Justin Waring, will examine the relational practices of pastoral power associated with the government of medicine use within the English healthcare system.

Justin Waring is Professor of Organisational Sociology, Associate Dean for Research at Nottingham University Business School, Implementing Evidence and Improvement Lead for NIHR CLAHRC East Midlands.

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