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Research and evaluation

CHILL’s contributions to policy-making and service organisation and delivery are based upon its cutting edge applied research.

We are pluralistic and pragmatic in our use of theories and methods with the aim of producing new knowledge that is relevant to the contemporary challenges of care organization and delivery. Our research also draws upon and contributes to advanced social science theories, concepts and debates.

In the past few years we have secured funding from a large number of agencies, including Economic and Social Research Council, Marie Slodowska-Curie, National Institutional for Health Research, Department of Health, the Health Foundation, EM AHSN, and local health and social care providers.

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Our research priorities

Our research is brought together around our four key strategic priorities:

  • Improving Quality & Safety: Our work is committed to improving the quality and safety of patient care. We have a large portfolio of cutting edge research projects and we work closely with regional and national safety leaders. We are home to two cohorts of Health Foundation Improvement Science doctoral students, and a Health Foundation Improvement Science Fellow.
  • Sustaining Innovation: Our work is committed to support service leaders to implement meaningful and lasting service innovations through bringing to light the organisational, political and economic drivers of change. We have particular expertise in the processes of technological innovation, workforce change and new organizational forms.
  • Integrating care organisations: Meeting the triple challenge of healthcare organisation relies upon closer working and integration between different care providers, especially health and social care agencies. We have evaluated a large number of policies, frameworks and interventions aimed at fostering integration from which we have developed evidence-based guidance and learning.
  • Implementation and Evaluation Framework: Service providers often need support in implementing change and in determining whether change delivers on the expectations of stakeholders. We have considerable expertise in implementation science and evaluation methodologies, and devised a Nottingham Framework for Implementation & Evaluation. This has been successfully used with regional partners. We now look to build local capacity for partners through supporting their understanding of implementation and evaluation.
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