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Instructions for Authors


‘CHILLed Chat’ hopes to share, engage and spark debate with a wide audience. While all posts are appreciated there are some guidelines we encourage authors to follow:

  1. Please send all potential blog posts to with the title “CHILLed Chat Blog”.
  2. Please keep the language of posts light- as in The Independent not Health Economics, likewise make sure any technical terms are explained.
  3. Please do be funny. Health research isn’t all doom and gloom.
  4. Please keep the word count of posts to under 800 words, 400 would be ideal – if you can’t say it in less it probably belongs in a journal not a blog.
  5. Please include a title of 10-15 words.
  6. Please ensure you have permission to use any content you post (e.g. pictures).
  7. Please be respectful of other opinions. Any comments with non-constructive criticism or profanity (or even bad grammar) will be deleted.
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