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CHILL Visiting Scholar


We are delighted to welcome one of our international visiting fellows, Dr. Bill Stroube.

Dr. Stroube is professor of health services administration and director of the health services administration graduate and undergraduate programmes at the University of Evansville, Indiana, USA.

If you are interested in joining us as a visiting fellow, please contact Dr Stephen Timmons.


CHILL – new research paper on medicines use


Of Shepherds, Sheep and Sheepdogs? Governing the Adherent Self through Complementary and Competing ‘Pastorates’. Applying Foucault‘s concept of Pastoral Power in settings of multi-pastors.

Foucault’s concept of ‘pastoral power’ describes an important technique for constituting obedient subjects.

This is an open access article – read more.




CHILL – Human Factors in Healthcare



CHILL hosted an event on the 23rd February to celebrate the success of the HEE Human Factors Exchange. This group has been instrumental in developing the capacity and capability of knowledge and dissemination of human factors in healthcare. Five presentations were delivered which covered topics from Safety Huddles a human factors approach to implementation to the recognition of respiratory failure.

The projects were a collaborative partnership between HEE and the EMAHSN Patient Safety Collaborative.

Clinicians with support from human factors ergonomists have identified areas  that would benefit from a human factors approach to provide understanding and solutions to problems in healthcare.

For more information please contact Dr Chetna Modi, Health Education England  and Dr Cheryl Crocker, EMAHSN PSC



CHILL’s recent visit to Manila


Dr Stephen Timmons and Dr Bridget Roe spent 6 days in Manila to develop areas of mutual research interests with colleagues from the Ateneo de Manila School of Medicine and Public Health (ASMPH). They undertook a round of meetings and visits, facilitated by Dr Jeremie de Guzman of the Ateneo Centre for Health Evidence, Action and Leadership, ASMPH. Some of you might remember Jeremie as he attended the Sustainable Innovations Workshop here at Nottingham last year and described their innovative MD-MBA programme. On their visit, Stephen and Bridget enjoyed extensive discussions with Dr Dayrit, Dean of ASMPH, and colleagues, about this programme which they think could be the starting point for both publications and empirical research.

In addition, Stephen and Bridget met with colleagues from the Ateneo Graduate School of Business, who jointly run the MD-MBA programme, as well as colleagues from the (undergraduate) Schools of Health Sciences, and Management. They also visited the Ateneo Java Wireless Competency Research Centre and heard about their cutting edge research to develop an App for Electronic Health Records, designed to help meet the geographical and environmental challenges to providing healthcare in the Philippines. It is hoped that we can continue our relationship with ASMPH with plans being made for the development of a conference paper and further research.

More information available by contacting;

CHILL seminar 22 March 2017


Working in partnership with Boots and Nottingham Forest Football in the Community, CHILL were asked to evaluate the design and implementation of their sport and nutrition holiday programme for 5 to 11 year olds and their families, across communities in Nottingham.

The evaluation is now complete and the Feel Good Club will continue to develop based on the success of this. Our CHILL seminar will present the findings of the evaluation and create an opportunity to network with those involved.

Free to attend. The event is ticket only, register early to avoid disappointment.

CHILL’s recent visit to Texas



I was visiting our collaborators at the Center for Health Organizational Transformation (CHOT)  at Texas A&M University in December. Our colleagues were very interested on current policy issues in UK healthcare, which are more similar to issues in the US than might at first appear. Churchill once described Britain and the USA as ‘Two nations divided by a common language’ and I think the stark difference in how our health care systems are funded sometimes gets in the way of us understanding each other, and realising that many of the issues are shared (and, indeed, shared by health care systems all over the world). I’m sure Americans get annoyed by British people saying that they ought to have a NHS, as in the words of one American I spoke to ‘ Never. Gonna. Happen.’ What will happen to healthcare under the Trump presidency remains, as do so many things, obscure, though several people I met were not, shall we say, encouraged by the nomination of Representative Tom Price as Secretary of State for Health and Human Services.

Continuing on an American theme, we will be welcoming our second international Visiting Fellow, Professor Bill Stroube of Evansville University, in the spring. More from Bill when he arrives…

Is seven-day access to GP surgeries the answer to improving patient care?


The demand for primary care services in the UK is changing due to several factors, such as the rise in the number of patients with long-term conditions, and an increase in life expectancy.

A report from CHILL recently evaluated  pilot schemes held in Nottinghamshire and Southern Derbyshire. Both schemes focused on improving access to services, as well as a number of other goals such as reducing Emergency Department attendances.

More information can be found here.

If you wish to obtain a copy of our report please contact:

Understanding the conundrum




The analysis of data from electronic health records aspires to facilitate healthcare efficiencies and biomedical innovation. There are also ethical, legal and social implications from the handling of sensitive patient information. The paper explores the concerns, expectations and implications of the National Health Service (NHS) England programme: a national data sharing initiative of linked electronic health records for healthcare and other research purposes.

Read more in our new  open access paper




CHILL at Christmas 2016


Don’t forget CHILL and The University of Nottingham closes for Christmas on 21st December 2016 and reopens on 3rd Jan 2017. We would like to wish all our CHILL colleagues a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

International Journal of Management Reviews – recent publication.


International Journal of Management Reviews


“Translation theories argue that the transformation of new ideas is ‘in the hands of people’ and that actors at multiple organizational levels interact to affect this process”.

Read more in paper listed on the ‘Top Articles’ list on Wiley’s Online Library:

IJMR – Middle Managers and the Translation of New Ideas in Organizations: A Review of Micro-practices and Contingencies

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